What Is Google Ingress and Can Businesses Benefit From It?


Google’s Ingress blurs the line between fantasy and reality using real-time in real-life GPS and real life monuments in your area.

Google Ingress Could Bring New Customers To Local Businesses If They Only Knew It Existed

In strange move Google recently released a mobile game called Ingress which is essentially a real life, real time “capture the flag” type game that is probably being played in your neighborhood right now.  Ingress is a GPS based game where players from 2 opposing teams try to capture portals that are leaking XM (or extreme matter) for their faction by deploying “resonators” at various monument probably with in walking distance of where you live. You can use your phone to access the Ingress app and navigate your way through the real world to capture portals for your team and attack enemy portals using an arsenal of weapons you acquire from “hacking portals” which is only possible by physically walking within about 40 meters of the monument.  The portals can be anything in the “real world” from churches, sculptures, bridges, paintings, pictures, or businesses.  Players may submit new portals but they are all subject to Google’s approval.

Walking Distance Is the Whole Point Of Ingress, Maybe?

While playing Ingress, one can’t help but realize that the whole point of the game may be to make you physically walk and appreciate objects, arts and places you may not normally visit and they are usually right in your backyard. Many times you will find that the “portal” is an object that “supports” the community around it, like a bridge in a physical sense and a church or graveyard in a spiritual sense. Either way, in order to play the game you have to get off of your couch and even get out of your car to see and play anything. What a great concept for a game!

Ingress and Businesses

Most portals are located on public property in Ingress because Ingress clearly is not interested in marketing being as though it is silently a global phenomenon. Although your humble blog writer was able to find a few portals in the Kansas City area that were located at or in businesses that could stand to benefit from Ingress.  Jack Stack Bar-B-Q and Red Robin in Overland Park, KS were, and continue to be, portals for players.  Both restaurants (if they knew players existed) could welcome in players as a meeting spot provided they eat or have a drink. In all aspects of marketing, everything counts and this type of marketing is no exception.

To find out more about Google Ingress click here to visit their website.

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