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Your business’ website in Kansas City should have more than just relevant content and smooth navigation.  Effective websites will almost always have a well structured menu structure, dense keywords in the content and each page (and blog) should have appropriate page titles, page descriptions and search engine optimization keywords. For blog posts, categories and tags are recommended for maximum effectiveness in addition to page titles, page descriptions and SEO keywords.

Why Add Page Titles, Page Descriptions and SEO Keywords To Each Page/Blog?

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Page Titles & Descriptions Appear In Search Results.

There are many benefits to adding page titles, page descriptions and keywords to your website’s pages and posts but probably the most important reason is that the search engines can more easily determine 1) what the page/post is about and 2) where the page/post should show up as it pertains to a search.  Like most content online, the page titles, page descriptions and keywords need to match the page/post actual content in terms of subject matter.  Keyword stuffing for potential search terms that truly have nothing to do with the page/post content is pointless and probably not very effective at all for online marketing purposes. In fact, in some cases it will be counterproductive.

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