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Web Force KC helps businesses and organizations design effective and affordable websites in Kansas City. Part of making your business or organizations’ website is making sure the menu of the website is logical and simple to navigate by your potential customers and visitors to your website.  Web design by Web Force KC makes certain that specific criteria are met to maximize conversions of visitors to your website into opportunities to grow your business online.

Your Website’s Menu Structure

When Web Force KC begins designing a website in Kansas City, we first talk with the business owners and managers to determine exactly what the company or organization offers, what they focus on (seasonality), & how consumers search for that particular products/service generically.  We use this information to determine how the menu will be named, how many pages the website will need to be effective and how Web Force KC can maximize the exposure of featured products or services to visitors to the website.  We use a variety of tools to determine what potential customers do while visiting the website, at what point of the website they exit, and how we can retain visitors to the website longer to potentially increase online conversions.

Web Force KC also examines a website menu’s ability to remain effective and simple to navigate even when seen on various devices (iPhone, Android, iPad friendly, etc.).  Since most of the business’ websites we work with have an increasing number of mobile and tablet visitors, the website must be responsive to each and every device and be simple to navigate in any and all scenarios.

The page titles of your website will also help your potential customers navigate through your website faster (good page titles also help with search engine optimization).  Often times when Web Force KC is developing a website’s entire menu structure, the page titles may actually appear to be different and more simplified in the actual menu than they actually are on the page.  The reason for this is to create simple 1-2 word names for pages (products/services) to help visitors to your website to find what they are looking for more quickly to increase the chances of them converting into an opportunity for your business.

At Web Force KC, we enjoy working with businesses and organizations in the Kansas City area to develop solid, clean and, most of all, effective web design that works to drive business directly to your phone, inbox and through your businesses door. We monitor the performance of the websites we design to ensure they are performing to not just increase traffic and exposure for your website but also to increase and maximize conversions.

Web Force KC partners with small businesses to help them grow their business by offering quality, affordable web design and search engine optimization marketing services.

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