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Your business’ website in Kansas City can do much more than be an online billboard or a digital business card to attract potential customers. In fact, your website can help you keep track of your inventory online if you business sells physical products and/or has fluctuating inventory. Web Force KC has helped business owners and organizations manage and sell inventoried products online and develop inventory management systems that are integrated into web design.

Integrating Inventory Management Into Web Design

Keeping track of your business’ inventory can be a real pain for business owners particularly if you business’ inventory fluctuates daily or weekly. Since most inventory management is done with spreadsheets or some type of organized, structured medium, Web Force KC  has helped develop spreadsheet inventory management applications that automatically integrate into your website when updated.  The online inventory management system is designed to minimize the time necessary to update a “master inventory” sheet in addition to updating your website so as to showcase your business wares. Web Force KC will first integrate the inventory management system into your website and then teach and train your staff to manage your website’s inventory management system. Below is an example of a very simple inventory management system:

Web Force KC provides effective web design solutions for businesses in the Kansas City area.  We are constantly improving our ability to not only help business owners with their website but also to develop effective and efficient solutions for them so that they can focus on running their business.

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