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At Web Force KC, we strive to push the limits of our web design by thinking about uses for business’ website beyond marketing.  Although, our primary focus for the websites we design in Kansas City is for potential customers to be able to find the website and contact the business, we have been designing additional functionality into some of our most recent websites. The following are a few examples of small business website we have recently designed for small businesses.

Web Design With Pages For Internal Use Only

Your website is essentially a billboard for your business that (hopefully) receives enough traffic to convert some of the visitors into customers. For some businesses, websites and web design can assist in other areas of their business and can be made to be accessed by certain individuals/users.  Web Force KC has designed websites that are functional and effective for marketing but also contain things like employee handbooks, training manuals, or client bill pay functionality.  By developing websites that allow users to access specifically designed pages that can inform, train or can act as an accounts payable department, business owners can free up financial and time consuming resources and focus more on running and growing their business.

Web Design That Showcases and Manages Business’ Inventory

If your business sells products to your customers you need a simple and efficient way to update your inventory particularly if your inventory fluctuates often. At Web Force KC, we work with businesses to develop solutions for updating inventory and data on our clients’ websites so that business owners save time and effort should their inventory change often.  One of the ways Web Force KC helps manage and showcase a business’ inventory is with the implementation of spreadsheet data that not only keeps a master list of inventory and products but will also be used to show and showcase information on their products and services on their website.  

Web Force KC continually develops new ways to maximize design, functionality of productivity of the websites we design for businesses in Kansas City.  When we design websites in Kansas City for businesses we will always try to find new and innovative ways to make websites more functional, effective, user friendly and simple to manage for the owner of the site. 

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