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social-media-marketing-Kansas-City-Web-Force-KCAt Web Force KC, we are often asked questions like “what is a tweet?” or “who cares if people “like” my business’ Facebook page?”  We look at social media for business as a party for your online marketing but with a megaphone in an echo chamber. Yes, it can be that

Imagine you are at a party and the only attendees are people that you know and people that love what you do but haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you just yet. This party is your business’ social media. The people that you know already at “the party” might just tell the people at “the party” that they like what you do but don’t know yet how great your business is out loud (reviews, like, share, re-tweet, +1, etc). Confused yet?

social-media-marketing-Kansas-City-Web-Force-KCAnother way to imagine social media for your business is to think of it as sending direct mail to all of your current, past and potential customers without postage, post offices, paper, envelopes, printing and any other expenses incurred for such a campaign. The national average for a direct mail campaign is still a whopping .75% making it ineffective and more costly than social media.

Your business’ social media can be a stage for your business to announce promotions, products, services, specials, nesocial-media-marketing-Kansas-City-Web-Force-KCws or anything relevant to your business and your customers past, present, and future.

Web Force KC can help your business develop social media strategies that go beyond amassing “likes” or followers. Our social media marketing for businesses in Kansas City is always created cooperatively with business owners to increase business, not just to lie dormant and “anti-social.”

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