Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Mobile Website Design In Kansas City

Take a moment & look at your business’ website on your mobile phone or tablet. Is it responsive and change shape/functionality based on how your are holding the device? Is your website easy to navigate on a phone so that your potential customers can find you from the device in their pock or purse? Do you find yourself (and your potential customers) having to zoom in to actually read the content on your website or find the product/service you offer that they are looking for? If your website has any or all of these problems, Web Force KC can help you with our web design service in Kansas City

Web Design For Mobile Devices In Kansas City

Any time a business or organization approaches us at Web Force KC for web design, we automatically factor in mobile and tablet functionality for the websites we build. We are constantly looking over Google Analytics reports for the businesses we work with which allow us to see how visitors to their website are actually getting there.  One of the components we have noticed in the analytics is that their potential customers are increasingly visiting the sites we work with from mobile/tablet devices.  We have seen up to 40% of visitors some months to our clients’ websites are browsing on their mobile phones. Therefore, Web Force KC only designs websites that are mobile and tablet friendly for our customers.

Web Force KC is constantly evaluating data from the traffic we drive to our clients websites and always stay one step ahead of online marketing and web design trends.  Call Web Force KC at (816) 462-9128 for web design and online marketing in Kansas City.

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