Is Your Online Marketing A Bad Deal?

In my years of helping businesses with their online marketing in Kansas City I have seen some pretty bad deals.  Most notably are the business owners I have met that have allowed known print marketing companies handle the their web design.  The main problem with these companies (YP, Yellowbook, etc) is that they typically will purchase your business website domain name ( and when you opt out of their marketing program they retain ownership of your business’ domain name.

Why on earth would a company want to retain ownership of your business’ domain name and website? The answer is quite simple: because they want your marketing dollars and are willing to do anything it takes to keep you paying.  Print directory companies have progressively lost business (and money) as online marketing has become more relevant and print marketing has become less used by business owners. Their “last ditch” effort to remain moderately profitable is to snare unsuspecting business owners by retaining ownership of their business website domain names so they can get as many shots in at getting your marketing dollars.

If you are involved in deal “that is getting worse all the time” and battling a marketing company to get your domain back and build an effective website contact Web Force KC.  We have helped many business owners in Kansas City get their domain name back and help them build a website that helps grow their business and generates results.

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