How Many Clicks Does It Take To Get What Your Customers Want From Your Website?

How many clicks does it take to get people where and what they want on your website?

When people visit your website, how many clicks does it take for them to get where they want and find what they want? The answer is sometimes different depending on how your website is structured.  To be more specific, your website’s menu must flow and be centered at one end goal.  The goal could be to email your business, call your business, sign up for alerts, purchase something, download something, or any combination of these scenarios. Can the casual searcher find what they need in 3 clicks or less? If not your website has a problem.

Just like the video above when the owl bites into the tootsie pop, visitors to your website will “bite” by bouncing off of your site if they cannot find what they want as close to immediately as possible. Your website’s bounce rate helps you rank higher on the search engines when your bounce rate is low. A good bounce rate for a business website is usually around 40-60% in order to still be productive.  If you find that your business’ website has a higher bounce rate you need help.  As more traffic searches end up on your website and people are not ceasing their search on your website, it may begin losing its ranking and relevance as it pertains to that specific search.

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