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Just because you have a website and have claimed all of your online business directories doesn’t mean that you will have a flurry of potential customers visiting your website. As your website ages and content is not added to your site (blogging, additional pages, etc), it will more than likely begin to fall in search engine rank. If left alone over an extended period of time, your website will likely fall beneath your competitors websites on the search engine leaving your business with little to no website traffic and little to no online conversions from your website.

Adding Constant Content To Your Website In Kansas City Works!


Is Your Web Design Effective?

Assuming your business’ website has a blog and social media, you have an online avenue to continually add content to your business’ online presence. Structured and effective blog writing can take anywhere from 1 hour to several hours to write, categorize, tag, title, describe and finally add SEO keywords to your blog.  Using H1, H2, H3, etc tags within your content will help the search engines determine what your blog (and your website) is about and where it should show up as it pertains to a given search.  Assuming your blog is written and structured correctly, the search engines may add your blog post (as opposed to a specific web page on your website) to the search engine results creating an effective entry point into your website.  Continually thinking of blog topic ideas is where it tends to get difficult and Web Force KC are experts at creating relevant, effective blog posts and ideas that put your business into the search engine results for your product or industry in your area. Regardless of whether your business is focusing on attracting potential customers locally or nationally, adding relevant content constantly is an absolute must. 

The problem with most web design is that web designers are typically not search engine optimization specialists and if your website was designed in such a way that it is not an effective website in Kansas City, Web Force KC would like to help you. Web Force KC does not keep our online marketing strategies and procedures a secret from our customers because we want them to understand what we are doing for their business, why we are doing it and how it helps their business grow.

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Call Web Force KC at (816) 462-9128 for web design and online marketing in Kansas City.

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