3 Is The Magic Number With Web Design

Can Visitors Get The Information They Need Within 3 Clicks Of Your Website?

We all live in a ever increasingly digital world and our patience for lackluster web design and inconvenient site navigation is all but gone. In previous times businesses used websites to “legitimize their business” like a business card and business owners that have continued to subscribe to that philosophy probably are not growing as quickly as they could be online.  Businesses that have continually updated &  improved their website and online presence are most likely seeing an uptick in business from the avenue of their online marketing. Your business’ website need to be easy to navigate with your contact information prominent at any and every place on the website without being too obnoxious. Web Force KC’s web design helps build your website or update your current website using a healthy balance of clean, accessible design and cleverly worded content that attracts search engine indexing and potential customers for your business. What we at Web Force KC have found is that if customers cannot find what they want on your website in 3 clicks or less, they will most likely click the dreaded back button on their browser leaving your website for what could be forever.

3 Clicks Into Your Website

Take a moment and pretend you are one of your business’ potential customers. Next pick a product or service that you offer and then go your website to research the page/product/service. If you find yourself clicking more than three times with the end result being the “submit” button on the you contact page, your website is in serious need of web design or redesign.  At Web Force KC, we create websites that have a pre-planned and predetermined path of clicks that lead directly to your inbox or phone.  If it takes our web design quality assurance team three clicks or less then it will more then likely be effective at generating opportunities for you and your business.  If the path through your website is in any way hindered by too many clicks to get to the “submit” button on your contact form or difficult to find your phone number listed at the top of and bottom of every page and blog post on your website, then Web Force KC will not publish it because we believe that it is inferior web design.

Web Force KC builds websites from your potential customers’ perspective as well as for the search engines.  It does little to no good to be visible online if visitors are not converting into opportunities from your website.

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